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English Grammar for class 6th to 12 th

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Course Duration: 2 Month (1 hrs. Daily Class or alternate class as per India Standard Time)

Course Description:                     

The English Grammar course will be useful in understanding the basic concept. It is also useful for the students of Board Exams.

Covered Topics / Syllabus : 

Parts of Sentence.

The Sentence Type.

The verb. (Transitive Verb and Intransitive Verb)

Primary auxiliaries. (Be, Have, Do).

Modal auxiliaries.

Negative Sentence.

Interrogative Sentence.

Tense: Form and Use.

The Passive Voice.

The Parts of Speech.

Indirect or Reported Speech.

Word Formation.

Punctuation and Spelling.

II. Translation: (From Hindi to English) 

III (A) Composition: 

           (a) Long Composition.

           (b) Controlled Composition.

    (B) Letter Writing/Application Writing. 
   (C) Comprehension (Unseen). 

Words often confused.

Synonyms and Antonyms.

Mode of Training:  Online (Personalized or Batch wise) or Classroom training.

Language of Communication: English and Hindi.

Requirements: You should have an active internet, mobile or computer, pen, and paper only to join an online class.

Test / Assignment:  You are expected to solve objective questions and assignments after completion of the training.