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SQL Programming language

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Duration: 25 Hours

Mode of Learning:  Online via Zoom or Google Meet as per Indian Standard time (IST)

Requirement: High Speed Internet, Windows 8 or above Operating Systems with minimum 4 GB RAM and min. I3 Processor etc.

Detailed Syllabus

SQL is a standard language for storing, manipulating and retrieving data in databases.

SQL Syntax, SQL Select, SQL Select Distinct, SQL Where, SQL And, Or, Not, SQL Order By,


SQL Insert Into, SQL Null Values, SQL Update, SQL Delete, SQL Select Top, SQL Min and Max, SQL Count, Avg, Sum, SQL Like, SQL Wildcards,


SQL In, SQL Between, SQL Aliases, SQL Joins, SQL Inner Join, SQL Left Join, SQL Right Join, SQL Full Join, SQL Self Join, SQL Union,



SQL Group By, SQL Having, SQL Exists, SQL Any, All, SQL Select Into, SQL Insert Into Select,

SQL Case, SQL Null Functions, SQL Stored Procedures, SQL Comments, SQL Operators,


SQL Database, SQL Create DB, SQL Drop DB, SQL Backup DB, SQL Create Table, SQL Drop Table,

SQL Alter Table, SQL Constraints, SQL Not Null, SQL Unique, SQL Primary Key, SQL Foreign Key, SQL Check, SQL Default, SQL Index,


SQL Auto Increment, SQL Dates, SQL Views, SQL Injection, SQL Hosting, SQL Data Types,

SQL References, SQL Keywords, MySQL Functions, SQL Server Functions, MS Access Functions,

SQL Quick Ref, SQL Examples, SQL Examples.


Project / Test / Quiz:

 Candidate will have to solve the given assignment and quiz. After completion of the above training candidate need to develop the project to sharpen the skills.