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Fundamentals of Programming  प्रोग्रामिंग की मूल बातें

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Course Duration: 05 Hours (1 hrs. Daily Class or alternate class as per India Standard Time) 

Course Description:  

This is a 5 Hours small session to make clarity of programming / coding world. 

Covered Topics / Syllabus : 

What is program?

What is programming?

How many programming languages are used now days?

Making small Algorithm?

Making small flow charts?

How to step into coding / programming?

How to find mentors?

How to find learning resources?

Mode of Training:  Online (Personalized or Batch wise) or Classroom training.
Language of Communication: English and Hindi.
Requirements: You should have an active internet, mobile or computer, pen, and paper only to join an online class.
Test / Assignment:  You are expected to solve objective questions and assignments after completion of the training.