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English Grammar Class 9th to 10th अंग्रेजी व्याकरण कक्षा 9 से 10

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About the Course

English grammar is the set of rules and principles that govern the structure and use of the English language.

Benefits of English Grammar

Learning English grammar is a key component of developing strong English language skills, which can open up a wide range of opportunities both personally and professionally.


Part I - Grammar
  1. The Sentence and its Types
  2. Verb : The Tense (Present with Extension)
  3. Sentences and their Reordering
  4. The Parts of Speech
  5. Noun
  6. Pronoun
  7. Adjective
  8. Subject-Verb Concord
  9. The Adjective
  10. The Adverb (Modifying words)
  11. Auxiliaries and Modals
  12. Various Forms of the Verbs
  13. Tenses, Their Uses and Interchange
  14. Use of Passive Voice (Active and Passive Voice)
  15. Reporting : (i) Statements, (ii) Questions, (ii) Commands and Requests (Direct and Indirect Speech)
  16. Clauses (Subordination and Coordination)
  17. Determiners
  18. The Preposition
  19. The Conjunction (OR) The Connector
  20. The Interjection
  21. The Same Word Used As Different Parts of Speech
  22. Direct and Indirect Speech (Command and requests, statements, questions)
  23. The Clauses (Co-ordination and Subordination)
  24. Non-Finite-Verb
  25. Subject Verb Concord
  26. Punctuation
  27. Spellings
  28. Word Formation

Part II - Translation
  1. Introduction
  2. Various Forms of the Verbs
  3. Use of ‘To Be’—Is, Am, Are, Was, Were
  4. Imperative Sentences
  5. Present Indefinite Tense (Simple Present)
  6. Present Continuous Tense (Present Imperfect or Present Progressive)
  7. Present Perfect Tense
  8. Present Perfect Continuous Tense
  9. Past Indefinite Tense (Simple Past)
  10. Past Continuous Tense
  11. Past Perfect Tense
  12. Past Perfect Continuous Tense
  13. Future Indefinite Tense (Simple Future)
  14. Future Continuous (Imperfect) Tense
  15. Future Perfect Tense
  16. Future Perfect Continuous Tense
  17. Use of ‘Have’, ‘Has’ and ‘Had’ (As Principle Verbs)
  18. Habitual Actions
  19. Degrees of Comparison
  20. Use of Articles (A, An and The)
  21. Use of Prepositions
  22. Use of Apostrophe and Case in Apposition
  23. Use of Some Verbs
  24. Use of ‘How Many’, “How Much’, ‘There’, ‘It’, “Is Made of” and ‘Is Made from’
  25. Exclamations and Wishes
  26. Active and Passive Voice
  27. Direct and Indirect Speech
  28. Non-Finites
  29. The Sequence of Tenses
  30. The Complex Sentences
  31. The Compound Sentences
  32. Verbs Normally Not used in Present Continuous Tense
  33. Use of Some Structures
  34. Passages for Translation into English

Part III: Reading
  1. Comprehension Questions on Unseen Passage

Part IV: Writing Task
  1. Applications and Letter Writing
  2. Descriptive Paragraph
  3. Report
  4. Article
  5. Useful Information’s
    • Words Often Confused
    • Words and their Synonyms
    • Words and their Antonyms
    • Cries of Some Birds and Animals
    • Glossary

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